This Post seeks to explain and clarify that not only having a Best Friend Female (BFF) is good for you it is also very healthy and beneficial.And Yes Men and Women can be just Good Friends.


Hi Guys!Is there any book out there saying “101 Ways to Understand Women” ,is there really?Had there been such a book every man would have got a copy of that book and every man married or in a relationship would be having a very good easy  life.The closest I have seen so far is Men Are From Mars,Women From Venus and even that has not helped all men fully (Maybe some have been helped).

It is said that God created Adam first to be his representative here on Earth and to rule over all things.And God decided to give Adam a companion and so he created a wonderful but highly complicated very  difficult to understand super computer called a Woman.And we all know what happened after that, and the sons of Adam have had  to suffer the  fate of Adam.

Every man married or in a relationship will testify that you can never fully understand a woman no matter how long you have been with her.That’s why even the most happily married couples have their fights albeit in an understanding way.I was once told that fights in a marriage (verbal ,non confrontational and never ever physical ) are an essential ingredient of a Happy Marriage.

Fight For A Better Relationship

Okay, Okay, Buster I have got what you have said so far.So if there is no book to read  or even course available online or otherwise I can take, to fully understand my wife or girlfriend what can I do?? The Answer is find yourself a very Good Female Friend.Not Girl Friend mind you, just another friend who is not a Guy but a Girl.In fact have more than one female friend,a group of them would be ideal.From the group choose one to be your team leader,counselor and BFF(Best Female Friend)

The Great Thing About Female Friends is that you are not bound to each other in any way at all as you would be in a  romantic or sexual relationship .Your relationship is entirely Platonic which is a very special and unique yet very fragile relationship.Special care needs to be taken that clear cut boundaries are set that you are just good friends and nothing more.And certainly neither of you have romantic or lustful feelings for each other.Only then will you have a Beautiful Relationship.

Brother and sister taking a picture of themselves with a mobile phone at Raksha Bandhan

A Platonic Relationship is very healthy and beneficial for both parties.But lets focus on the how it benefits the guy because this post is about that.Firstly you get to fully understand the complex female mind (not fully mind,that will never be possible) in an independent unbiased way.

Like say you want to gift your wife/girlfriend something nice but you have absolutely no idea what she likes or  doesn’t like(I can see men nodding in agreement here).

What you do in such a situation is to call up your BFF and explain the problem.She will ask you a few questions and from there deduce as to what your wifes/girlfriend’s likes/dislikes are.Then she will be able to suggest what you should give her and 90% of the time your BFF’s guess is correct. ​You see women understand how the minds of other women work,men don`t.

Your BFF is also your independent marriage  counselor  when you are just entering into a relationship or planning a marriage,especially if you and your BFF have known each other for a long time and fully understand each other.Her advice could help ensure you don`t get into a messy relationship or one not appropriate for you.Your BFF could also play cupid and hook you up with the Girl of Your Dreams.Please note the key words here “fully understand each other”.

Your BFF is also your trusted confidante where you feel maybe a male friend may not be appropriate or you are too embarrassed to talk to them.Women are very good listeners,naturally born and women confide in each other about all aspects of their lives.Its also much easier to cry on the shoulders of a female friend and pour your heart out than it is to break down in front of a man.Women understand and accept such things as natural.Their girlfriends do it to them all the time,so do children.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend

You see us men have been taught (wrongly I must say) that its not okay for men to break down and show their true feelings.True men are supposed to be tough guys who don’t  show their weaknesses.Only girls and sissies cry and break down.Is it any wonder then men turn to the bottle or worse  to dry drown their sorrows?

Why Men Suffer In Silence

Women are very good at choosing appropriate outfits and matching of the same Something most men are not that good at(including yours truly.So if you are single and need new clothes take your BFF along with you.She will help you choose the right type of clothing for your various occasions.You have just got yourself a high class fashion designer at no cost.

I have laid out some benefits advantages of having a Best Friend Female in your life yet sad to say in this 21st Century there are still people in the so called Mordern Western World who believe its not possible for men and women to just be friends.I believe its because the West has portrayed a woman as an object of desire to satisfy a men’s lust.The media has especially expounded on this through girlie magazines and adult movies now made worse by the internet.

Some cultures believe it to be taboo for men and women to be friends as they are not related by blood and therefore not appropriate to hug,cuddle or even shake hands with a member of the opposite sex.Such thoughts are very much outdated.

The truth is that it all depends upon how you perceive a woman in your mind and culture plays a big part in this.In India women are very much respected and different categories of women have different respected titles depending upon age and gender.A young single woman is called Behenji(sister) or Beti(daughter) by eldery people.A married lady is called Bhabi(sister in law) or Beti by eldery people.

In India girls sometimes take a male friend as their brother and even tie a Rakhi on him.Something they normally do only to their blood brothers or cousins.(In India cousin brothers are considered blood brothers and marriage to them is not permitted by culture)


My Best Friend Is A Girl
My Best Friend Is A Guy

In Indian culture cross sex friendships are natrual and healthy.Girls are looked upon as sisters and though a bit of joking and  harmless flirting goes on ,it stops there.A true Indian boy never looks upon a girl with lustful intentions as from childhood he has been taught to respect women and girls.Thats why platonic friendships abound in Indian culture and Indian girls make very good BFFs.


Guy Best Friend
My Best Friend is A Guy

To sum up yes its very much possible for men and women to be just good friends and its very healthy to have a BFF(Best Friend Female).