Little Naughty Angels

I personally just love children especially the active naughty ones.Children under the age of five are my favorites.I love talking to them and can spend hours listening to them without getting bored at all.

Children have such bright inquisitive minds with pure hearts full of innocence.They can be anything they want ,go wherever their imagination takes them.

One time they are flying in space like Buzz Lightyear

Buzz LightYear

Another time they are the engine driver of Thomas The Tank Engine

Thomas The Tank engine

Or They are Popeye The Sailor Man sailing the high seas.

Popeye The Sailor Man

Sometimes children pretend to be doctors and/or nurses

Doctor Doctor

Child Development

Our first friendships are formed from toddler hood.Our friends then are  our neighbors children,our playmates at pre-school,even our pets and toys.

We make friends easily with children of all races ,no discrimination on basis of color,religion,social status or any other adults may use when choosing friends.

A friend is anyone who will play with them as play is a child’s principal activity.Age,race,color do not matter to these little angels.They just want someone to play with them and the playmate is their friend no matter the age.


Define Social Skills

The environment plays a major role in the positive development of a child’s social skills which the child will need to form long-lasting friendships essential in childhood and later on through teenage and adult hood.

Well developed social skills in early childhood will ensure that a child will become a productive member of society in his/her later years.



Refer to Mom Junction for more details on stages of a child’s development.

Children who are brought up not only with love but also self-confidence and lots of understanding will inherit the same traits and reflect those in all of their relationships including early child hood friendships

Developing Friendships In Early Childhood

Their importance is often overlooked yet such friendships form the foundation of healthy positive development of children as they grow older.

Children are naturally attached to their friends more so than adults.Separating a child from his/her friends can cause emotional stress.

Lena Aburdene Derhally gives her own personal example in her article in the  Washington Post where she states that her family moved about during her childhood and each time she had to leave behind friends she had made.

Fortunately her parents realising the importance of Lena’s attachments to her friends ensured she stayed in touch with them thus preventing emotional stress from taking its toll on her.

Sometimes parents are not so understanding and just ask the child to make new friends.But though children make new friends far more easily than adults do not think its easy for them.Moving into a new community and fitting in takes time even for adults who realise and understand why they had to move.

Can you realize how stressful and frightening it must be for a child to leave behind neighbours and school mates whom he/she has known so well and have become a major part of his/her life.And to integrate into a new community who may not be so welcoming.

Lena’s Post : Lena Aburdene Post

Childhood Friendships Psychology

Play and Play based activities form the main basis of early  childhood friendships.Children are always on the look out for playmates with whom they can share toys,games or become involved in outdoor activities like playing on the swings,roundabout,climbing frame.

That’s why a playground in a school or park is a very good place for forming friendships.


Plus in addition to that children are attracted to other children who are like them in appearance , and who love to do what they do.Especially when they see them on a regular basis such as school mates,neighbours children and even the children of their parent’s friends if they meet up regularly.

Sometimes parents of children’s friends become friends after attending school functions where the children are taking part.

Reference Friendships During the Preschool and Childhood Years

My Brilliant Friend


Children Being Friends Through Different Ages

Reference Psychology Today

An article by Eileen Kennedy Moore in Psychology (see above link) describes how children at different stages of growth perceive peers as friends.I have referenced the information and adapted it in my own way for this particular post.

  • At six months old babies can recognize and get excited at seeing a peer.they may even try to get close to the other baby by crawling(if they can) and get to know it.But at this stage its more like they are trying to discover “what is that looks like me” as their minds have not yet fully developed to recognize a peer as a friend.
  • Toddlers from 12-18 months are able to identify their friends among peers and show certain preferences for them.For example they play simple games like peek a boo and imitating each other.The foundations of friendships are laid down at this age.
  • At the ages of two or three years old children  recognize and sympathise with a peer.For example if they see a friend crying or sad they will hug them or share their favorite toy or blanket or even chocolate or sweet just to make their friend happy.But also at this stage children are also frivolous in their friendships as they are very young and their understanding is not fully developed.If they find a friend does not want to join them in what they are doing then that peer is not a friend at least for that time or day at most.
  • At ages of 5-9 years children are selfish in their friendships.They become friends with nice children who do things for them like offering them a seat in the bus,giving their friend their favourite toy or chocolate/sweet.Friendship is  used as a bargaining tool to get what they want.

So it can be seen that right from the time babies are born and become aware of their surroundings,the concept of friendship is born in them though in different ways depending upon the age and developmental stage.






Dedicated To All Of My True Friends Who Make My Life Beautiful

Facts About Friendship

The Friendship Recipe

Who is a friend actually?And more importantly who is a true friend?There are people in this world who have a very vague notion of friendship.They consider colleagues,people they associate with as friends.This Is So WrongYour colleague at work is not your friend unless you have something more in common with them than just work.Your drinking buddy is not necessarily your friend.The people who knew you at school are not necessarily your friends.One of my college friends said it so well .She said”Not Everyone is a friend.Some are just associates”.So in this post I will lay down bare the hard facts which make a person to be a friend and a true one at that.

The first thing about a friend is as a quote a friend sent me on whats app says.” A Friend is some one who can Pat You On The Back and Kick You In The Butt” as the need maybe.What this means is a friend is your mirror image albeit your conscious just as Pinocchio had Jiminy Cricket in the Walt Disney Movie.To make sure you neither sink to unmanageable depths nor  get your head in the clouds.

True Friends Versus False Friends

A friend and a true friend at that always has your best interests at heart and for a healthy balanced friendship, this should be reciprocated otherwise it becomes one sided and could end up with one person feeling like a doormat.This is neither healthy nor wise.

Some friends are there only to take advantage of you or use you for their own self interests.Once their objectives are achieved they avoid you as much as possible,or dump you altogether.They will not answer your calls,and give lame excuses when you need their help or companionship.These are False Friends and the sooner you remove them from your lives the better for you as they are just parasites who want to live off you.

All About Friends And Friendships

Facts About True Friends

  • A True Friend has your Best Interests at Heart.He or She will not hesitate to tell you point blank when and if your behavior is outrageous,undisciplined or out of line.So in that way A True Friend is your conscious just like Jiminy Cricket  was to Pinocchio.
  • But A True Friend will also inform you when you are doing good or your behavior is commendable,even if you yourself don’t think so or are unsure.This is a very commendable quality as for a person to be healthy and balanced they need to be confident and good about themselves.
  • A True Friend is there for you steadfast and steady as a rock through all of the seasons of your life.Through all your ups,through all of your downs,in the rain,in the sunshine,in the heat,in the cold they are there right beside you.Just like your shadow.
  • True Friends are always ready to listen to you when you need to talk or need advise.At times they will offer you helpful advise which can really benefit you.But they will never ever impose their opinion or advise upon you forcefully.They leave it upon you to make your own judgement.
  • With reference to the above,false friends will try to manipulate and persuade you to to what they want using every trick in the book .No matter if what they are suggesting could cause you great harm or severe loss.
  • True Friends do not care about your status in society,whether you are rich or poor,are a success or still struggling.They will welcome you  their social outings and never make you feel inferior or small.
  • To add to the above let me give an example.Suppose there a group of friends who have gone out for dinner and among the group there is one who is not of the status as the others.The other friends will gladly split the bill among themselves just because they like having “the not having made it friend” among them without making the that particular friend feel out of place.
  • A very special and very delicate category among true friends is one particular friend who is your BFF(Or Best Friend For Life).You trust that person with your deepest secrets.But they are also very delicate and brittle like fine china as should they decide to spill the beans they can ruin your life.More about that in another post
Best Friend
  • True Friends are Fun to be around with.They are stress relievers and confidence boosters.They make life so much more fulfilling and fun.Life is a joy with such friends.
  • Forgiveness is another very important element needed in a True Friend.Combined with understanding such a friend is truly valuable.As such people put the Greater Good Before The Lesser Good.Meaning they put the friendship first before their individual interests.
  • True Friends Are Protective Of You-They will stand up for you when someone tries to belittle or put you down.But again it should be two ways.You too need to be protect your friends.

What Is Friendship


To Sum up True Friends

Are Humorous,Fun to be around with,Witty,Spontaneous,Funny,Charming,Have large Beautiful Hearts,Trustworthy.

What Would Life Be Without Friends