What is a Platonic Friendship?

A Platonic relationship is a deep friendship between two genders of the opposite sex who do not have any romantic or sexual feelings for each other.The relationship can be between two single people or two happily married people.Both parties are clear, that they are just good friends who enjoy talking to and being in each other’s company that’s all.

For the success of a beautiful platonic relationship some clear ground rules need to be set.There must not be any kind of physical or sexual attraction with your platonic friend, else you will mess up a very beautiful friendship and lose all of the benefits.A platonic friend is nothing more than your buddy in a different body ,who must be given great respect the way you would to a beautiful work of art.

Why should you have Platonic Friendships and how can they benefit you?

  • Platonic friendships enable shared experiences at an emotional and spiritual level.Think of your platonic friend as your soulmate.Sometimes you may have issues you cannot discuss easily with your better half but you can with your friend.
  • Platonic friendships don’t have the doubts ,jealousies,complications which arise out of romantic and sexual attractions.As in platonic relationships one friend’s life and how they live it does not affect the other.
  • Platonic friends help you to better understand about the opposite sex in a non-judgemental way.Especially for men this is most important,as any man will tell you to try to understand what a woman is saying and more so why she is saying that is next to impossible!!!

Platonic Relationships While Married/Living Together

Balancing a healthy platonic relationship especially when you are married or in a relationship is a very tricky business as there is a great risk your platonic friend may be seen as an interference or worse competition by your lover or spouse.Even in today’s 21st century there is a belief among some people that after a woman is married she has to devote her whole life to the service of her husband and his family and forget her former life.What a load of Bull!

A spouse or lover has to understand that his/her partner before they met and fell in love had and still have a life of their own with their own interests,hobbies and yes  friends of both sexes and you cannot just expect them to cut off ties or stop doing what they were doing now that they are attached to you.Yes you are now a major part of their lives but not the whole part.Their friends were and still are an important part of their lives.

Platonic friendships best succeed where both men and women realize that there is more than just a physical relationship between sexes.There is also a brotherly/sisterly kind of love which forms a major part in a such  relationships.Where a member of the opposite sex especially a woman  is viewed with respect much as one would view a beautiful painting ,such relationships not only stand a much better chance of success but will be longer lasting and secure with great benefits.

Culture and Platonic Relationships

With reference to the above,culture plays an important part  in the success of platonic relationships.In Indian culture families stay together in some cases even extended families.Every family member has a unique title.The father is called “Pitaji”,the mother “Ba” or “Maa” or Maaji”.Daughters in law are “Bahu” while son in laws are “Jamais”.Elder brothers of the husband are known as “Jethji” while younger ones are known as “Dever”.Younger brothers and their wives respectfully address the elder sister in law as “Bhabi” a term used even by people in addition to “Bahenji” to respectfully address a lady.Ladies will respectfully address a man as Bhaiya (Brother).

In fact in Indian families platonic relationships start within the family itself.Elder sisters in law are generally very affectionate in a sisterly/motherly way towards their husbands younger brothers, especially if they are single.Like wise husbands tend to be affectionate towards their “saalis”(sisters of their wives) especially if they are younger and single.With the seeds of a platonic relationship sowed within the home coupled with respect for women its much easier to understand and form platonic relationships outside.

To sum up platonic relationships are not only healthy but very important for a person to grow all round.It also used wisely adds spice to a relationship as a partner can jokingly say”Don’t underestimate me ,I have so many male(female) friends who find me attractive”. Just ensure you don’t break the Ground Rules.






Friends Through Various Life Stages

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
Friendship Day Quotes by: Anais Nin


Friends are the second people we develop relations with after the people in whose house we are born.Our first friends will probably be the neighboring children with whom we play our games and the children at the pre-school and later kindergarten.As children our friends mean the world to us.They are first and foremost our playmates and since at that age our world is our play activities we could not imagine life without them.


As we grow up and enter the teenage stage of life  our friends take on the role of confidants and we are somewhat choosy on whom we choose to accept in our circle of friends. As unlike in our infancy stage where a friend was just a playmate and nothing much else, now our friends take on our reflection and therefore we choose friends we are compatible with. We start becoming attractive to the opposite sex and want to make a lasting impression on them thus the need to show the right image and be seen to be associating with the right “crowd” so that our reputation is not tarnished.

Thus it is most important that we are viewed as “cool” and “hot” and not as nerds and/or jerks.This kind of classification is extremely dangerous  if allowed to get out of hand and in some cases has permanent inferiority complex effect on those who have been classified as such. Leading to depression later on in life for those who were too weak to bear the shame or formation of psycho criminals for others out for revenge on the “cool guys” whom they blame for making their lives miserable.



But the most important stage of friendship I personally believe is after 40 yrs when your children have grown up and are leading their own lives, and you yearn to “connect” with someone apart from your spouse with whom you can talk to about anything and everything without feeling ashamed that you will be interrupted by an impatient child who most probably cannot understand you or what you are going through.This is where your old school friends come in who are probably experiencing same things you are going through. Those teenage “chili” and “flowers” have now become capsicums and cauliflowers and you are no longer afraid to talk to them as you may have been when you were a teenager.With whats app its so easy to be in touch wherever your school friend maybe and from personal experience I can say that most school friends are so a happy to be connected with their old mates.

In case you have reached “The Forties” and have lost touch with your old friends and are feeling lonely, maybe the below article from Live will help you.


So these are the friends through our various stages and blessed are those who have best friends at old age to make their last years in the world a very happy one.

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