Friends Need To Regularly Communicate

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Friends need to regularly  communicate and chat  among themselves to  keep the friendship alive.Otherwise there is a risk it will die down slowly over time.


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Just like a fire needs to be continuously stoked and  monitored so that it doesn’t die down , so too must friendship be treated as such.Friends are very special people and care needs to be taken that we don’t take them for granted.

Otherwise one day we will wake up and find that we were so busy counting the stars that we missed the moon.Friendship can be likened to a Garden.

Take loving care of it and beautiful flowers and delicious fruits will grow in it benefiting you only.Neglect it and it will choke up with weeds and nothing will be able to grow in it.

What You See Is What You Get(WYSWG)
The most important rule of friendship is that each friend takes the other as they are, for what they are.

Friends don’t see status,power,money or other worldly things .Friends see your heart,your character and most importantly dependability and trust.

For what use is a friend who cannot be trusted or depended upon?

Best friends trust each other with their most closely guarded secrets,their innermost feelings sometimes with their lives.And friends have and will continue to give their lives for their friends.


You will only fully understand a person when you start talking and listening  to them,not only verbally but body language is very important also.

Friends Communicate Regularly

So its not just enough, that friends are talking.

More than that friends need to be understanding each other as they are talking.

Things like “Is Rhianna truly listening to what I am saying?”,”Does she realize why I am saying what I am saying?” and start to pick up cues .

Immediately if they feel something is not right.For friends are there to be the mirrors in our lives.

They see the things in us which maybe we cannot see.

In today’s fast paced world where people have no time for even themselves, let alone friends.

It is very important we keep chatting to our friends regularly and more importantly meeting up.

Only then will we able to lead happy,fulfilled and joyful lives.

For life is very lonely and painful without strong faithful friends.