Why Having a Girl Best Friend (GBF) Can Do Wonders for Your Life

Yes Guys You Heard It Right.

Having A Girl Best Friend (GBF) can do wonders for your life.

A gal best buddy makes you see things in a different way,

See things from another angle,

And even make you more attractive to your wife or girlfriend.

Female Friend Bringing Her Best Buddy Back to Earth

But having such a beautiful platonic relationship is not easy for most men. In fact it’s darned difficult.

The Traditional Image of Men

Most of us Men have been brought up to look and feel tough, kind of like Conan the Barbarian types.

Men are supposed to be warriors, dominating types who have beautiful shapely women as their trophies.

Conquests of their battles they parade these beautiful trophies among their comrades, as a sign of their strength and virility.

These “trophy” women are supposed to be obedient to the whims of their “masters” i.e. the men.

They are not supposed to think for themselves, offer suggestions or worst of all openly challenge their “masters”.

Conan The Barbarian With Beautiful woman

Movies and Women

Television and Mainstream Cinema (Hollywood and Bollywood) has further given credence to the “macho man” image.

Just look at the James Bond movies for example.

The image of the macho hero and his beautiful co agents as depicted in below video.

The Role of Pornography

Pornography which attracts most men to some extent or another

Has further eroded the credibility of women.

And thanks to advancement in technology porn is now available in the palm of your hand.

Unlike in the eighties when you had to go looking for girlie magazines or blue videos.

Having brought up in such an environment, is it any wonder that a woman for a man is just someone to fulfill his carnal desires.

And woe be toe a woman who tries to be friendly to a guy taking him to be a nice person.

Unless the fellow is a really decent understanding and respectful, of whom they are very few, the guy will take it as a come on.

No wonder so many rape cases are done by people known to the victim.

Yes Guys understanding women is not easy.

They expect us men to understand their high level coded language, which we are very poor at (Ask any husband or boyfriend).

And this here your very special GBF (Girl Best Friend) here  in to explain the situation to you in simple language.

Makes life a whole lot easier eh?


Girl Best Friend Offering Her Buddy An Insight Into The Female Mind

There are many other advantages of having a GBF (Girl Best Friend) which we will explore later.

But firstly how can you identify that this girl you can consider your female buddy?

Firstly hanging out with such a girl should feel like you are hanging out with your buddy but in another body.

You laugh together, go dancing wildly, do crazy things, get drunk.

Yet even in your weakest moment, you cannot imagine sleeping with her.

You are both absolutely clear that neither of you has any romantic interest at all in each other in the least. You are just very good friends Period.

Neither of you feels the slightest hint of jealousy when one or both of you mention your romantic partners.

In fact you seek out each other’s honest advice on your romantic relationships.

And are happy for each other when one or both of you mention that you are going steady with someone.

You Share Your Friend’s Happiness.

Here are some reasons why you need a girl best friend in your life

Courtesy of  www.scoopwhoop.com


  1. You can afford to be emotional in front of her, something you can’t do with your buddies as men are not supposed to show emotions in general.
  2.  It’s much easier to open up to her as she will be more understanding.
  3. She is your relationship tutor advising you on what your girlfriend might or might not like.
  4. Let alone girlfriends’ even married women need such advice.
  5. Because truthfully only women fully understand women. Men never will.
  6. With your female buddy, you can talk about other things apart from the usual men talk about sports,cars,,business, politics .
  7. You can for example talk about interior decoration,travel,children and many other things you wouldn’t normally talk about with your guy buddies.
  8. Your best girlfriend makes sure that you are dressed up properly by helping you choose appropriate outfits.
  9. And believe me women are very good at choosing outfits for men.
  10. My wife now chooses what I wear to the office every day and due to this all of my clothes are worn.
  11. Unlike before when I was choosing them and would repeat the same few selections all the time.(Uhhh!!!)
  12. By having a Girl Best Friend you start to gain an understanding of the female mind.
  13. Which can help improve your relationship with your spouse or girlfriend.
  14. Because you are around with a lady your manners, attitude and respect in general towards the opposite sex becomes better.
  15. As you are conscious that this is a special and unique kind of relationship which you are  very lucky to have.
  16. A Girl Best Friend is chicken soup for the broken heart .
  17. The best person to talk to if your girlfriend has ditched you or your relationship is in a turmoil.
  18. You will not only get a shoulder to cry on but sound advice on what to do.
  19. Far better than hitting the bottle or getting stupid advice from your drinking buddies.
  20. A Girl Best Friend is like a sister but without really being one.
  21. Like she doesn’t have to tie a rake on you and you promise to protect her always (see below).
  22. http://www.raksha-bandhan.com/rakhi-traditions-and-customs.html
  23. You are both free and independent yet there for each other when called upon.
  24. Having a Girl Best Friend means you get to meet all of her girlfriends.
  25. Be the envy of your buddies by having many beauties knowing you.


Having a Girl Best Friend (GBF) can really make you a better person as stated above.

One who can walk proudly with Head held High.

But you must earn her trust and respect.

And both of you are absolutely clear on the kind of relationship you have.

Else you will  screw up a very special and beautiful friendship forever.

I would love to know your opinions on the above topic.